The 47th Annual Trigg County Country Ham Festival
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Ham Fest Basics

Official hours are Friday and Saturday, 10am to 10pm.

Over 225 Vendors will be on site with music going on all two days with Special Musical Entertainment on Friday and Saturday Nights.

For answers to the common questions about parking, restrooms, first aid, pets and more, head to our most frequently asked questions page.

Thursday October 12

  • Kick Off Breakfast 6am

    @ Lexie Bush Convention Center/Rec. Complex
    David Furquean, special guest speaker "The History Of Ham Festival"

  • Submit Entries for Contest 9am-Noon

    Entries accepted for Country Ham Contest, Ag. Exhibits, Homeakers Contest, 4-H Exhibits @ Cadiz Baptist Church Annex

  • Main Street (Downtown) Closes! 2pm

    Public traffic won't be allowed on Main Street

  • Ham Fest Info Booth is Open 2-6pm

    City Hall, Booth 60

  • Carnival Rides! 4-9pm

    @ West Cadiz Park

**(pricing details have NOW BEEN CONFIRMED, Thursday Oct 12 2023)

Want tickets? 

Best to think of them as $1.50/each until you get up to 30. 

You can opt for a better deal with a booklet of 30 for $30…

Or you can grab a wrist band for $50 and ride all you like (one wrist band per kid).

What's Been Cookin'

Friday October 13

Remember, you can always visit the City Hall: Booth 60 (both Friday AND Saturday) for Ham Fest information, available from 6am to 5pm


Saturday October 14

Legacy, Performing Classic Rock Hits

Saturday, the rock-n-roll veterans, “Legacy” take the Ham Fest Main Stage (the IGA parking lot) to take the audience through decades of iconic, classic rock anthems that defined generations.

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The content on this page was last updated on October 14, 2023

Sunday October 15

Sunday, 10am to 6pm (refer to schedule, Rides, Petting Zoo and some vendors (at West Cadiz Park) are open for business)

Reigniting tradition and bringing back the Ham Fest Parade!

To celebrate a great weekend, the festival will go out with a bang… and waves and sirens.

Sunday, October 15 @ 1pm

The parade will march through the town.

Would you like to participate? You can for free!

First, call Brianna Hyde at (270) 522-8244

Most Popular

Music Performers - Friday, 13th

Justin Cole
@ Renaissance Stage

Unclaimed Baggage
@ Renaissance Stage

Aaron Crawford
@ Main Stage

@ Main Stage

Music Performers - Sat, 14th

King Kaiju 
@ Renaissance Stage 

Caleb Lake 
@ Renaissance Stage 

Tyson Leamon 
@ Main Stage 

@ Main Stage 


Have You Seen This Year's Lineup?

Who’s performing? What’s the schedule? What else is gonna be there?