Tyson Leamon

Country Singer/Songwriter, TN Songwriters Winner

Last updated October 4, 2023

Tyson’s created a name for himself for his bold authenticity expressed through his songwriting. 

One of the critical elements of music, especially country music, is the authenticity of the lyrical content. How deeply they are in line with the listener’s emotions and current life experiences defines the efficacy of a songwriter’s skills. Tyson’s songs portray the personal intricacies of human experiences, emotions, and real-world problems that make them relatable to listeners.

With years of experience performing both locally and nationally, Tyson Leaman has become a household name in the Tennessee Valley where he grew up writing and performing great music. 

With his soulful voice and heart-felt lyrics, he takes his audience back to a place known for simplicity, innocence and great American values.

Tyson has shared the stage with The Steel Woods, Confederate Railroad, The Kentucky Headhunters, Ward davis, Billy Droze and Gary Nichols. He has even performed at the CMA festival in Nashville, Tennessee.

Tyson Leamon performs on the Trigg County Tourism/WABASH Main Stage Saturday, October 14th 2023 from 5:00 to 6:30.

Check out more of Tyson’s music on Facebook or on YouTube.

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