Parking, Pets, and Public Restrooms
Ham Fest FAQs

Last updated September 29, 2023

These are helpful “housekeeping” rules and details about the Country Ham Festival.

Where is the Handicapped Parking Located?

Behind Cadiz Christian Church, located between Madison Street and Franklin Street (we’ll post a map soon)

Are Pets Allowed?

Sorry. No pets are allowed in downtown Cadiz during the festival. The only exception for this is for registered service animals (aka, the pets that are wearing a service animal vest).

What if I need First Aid or Medical Attention?

Find First Aid and EMT professionals in 2 different Locations:

Court Street, Next to Trigg County Justice Center

West Cadiz Park, Nest to Park Restrooms

Where are the Public Restrooms?

Scott Street: Next to Janice Mason Art Museum

Jefferson/Monroe Street: Shuttle Bus Stop at Marion Street In City Parking Lot

Main Street at Justice Center, East Side

Montgomery Street Toward Hwy 139

West Cadiz Park near Carnival Rides


How many stages are there?

Two stages will feature live acts and music groups.

Where is Renaissance Stage?

AKA the WKDZ Renaissane Stage is uptown, beside Purple Pig Antiques and adorning the WKDZ Radio logos.

Where is the Main Stage?

The “Main Stage” is downtown, located more toward the foot of the hill, on the left (where the old IGA used to be, and where the Farmer’s Market and Junque Fest are normally held). 

I just fueled up my golf cart/ATV/go-kart/human-capacity drone.
Where can I drive it?

Sorry. Any of these vehicles are not allowed at the festival. Even motorized scooters like the unicycle styled kind, hover boards or Onewheels.  

GoCadiz tall ad for LBSRP

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