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Last updated September 29, 2023

“You never know what you’ll find at the Ham Festival.” 

That’s not quite right. 

While the festival’s attractions have evolved a bit over the years, there are quite a few boredom-stoppers that you can count on finding at Ham Fest, year after year. 

Here are a few. 

Food Trucks

Bring two things to Ham Fest: 

Cash and an appetite. 

That’s because you’re going to find an entire downtown (and park) full of those mobile mini-restaurants that we all love so much. 

Don’t tell me that “frozen-cheesecake-on-a-stick” or “deep-fried-Oroes” aren’t delicacies. If they weren’t, then they’d be available at Kroger or WalMart. But they’re not. Ya gotta wait for Ham Fest to roll around every year to find these rare treats. 

Find some of your favorites in the 2023 list of vendors

Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show

A spectacular showcase of vintage cars, trucks, and motorcycles are bound to transport you to a bygone era of automotive excellence.

This family-friendly show gives dads and grandpas a chance to pass down the stories —the ones that only these classy hot rods, rugged vintage trucks, and iconic motorcycles are capable of whisking them right back into in the instant of a look… or the smell of that upholstered interior. 

Admission is FREE! Bring your family and friends for a day of nostalgia, entertainment, and the unmistakable charm of vintage automobiles. 

Carnival Rides & Games 🎡

Push that buckle together until it clicks! … No, seriously, you’re gonna need to buckle up for this (the Ride won’t start until you do). 

Some of these rides were around when the moms and dads were just kids, except now, they seem to bring a whole new level of dizziness and heart palpitations. 

Whatever. Kids still love them.  Stand back and watch their spirits soar. Get the booklet of tickets or grab the all-you-can-ride pass and any kid can have a high-flying, twirling, and spinning fun-filled day. They’ll likely sleep well tonight.

From the towering Ferris Wheel to spinning, twists and turns, the excitement is here. The little ones have gentler offerings—kiddie rides to pull out those smiles that go great, captured in the cloud for years. The laughter and screams of joy are the soundtrack to a day of unforgettable fun.

Rides aren’t all

Live out those romantic parts in all the Rom-Coms, where you knock down the weighted bottles and land your Honey a stuff bear.  You both know, it’s just going to collect dust in the attic but your testosterone and pride are riding on this. 

So test your skills too, and win fantastic prizes at the side games. 

Take aim, sink those free throws, or pop a balloon with a dart. Great work, Hawkeye.

The more you play, the more chances you have to walk away with a momento to remember the day.

Petting Zoo 🐾🦙🦆🐖🐮

The kids can get hands-on with friendly goats, quacking ducks, cheerful lil’ pigs, cows, and maybe a cuddly llama.

It’s an opportunity for interactive fun and unforgettable memories. Don’t miss the chance for your children to connect with (ahem… “feed“) these lovable creatures—visit the Petting Zoo and make some furry and feathery friends! 

Pig Races

When that bell rings (reminiscent of a school bell), those little pigs burst through that opening gate. Find the pig races at West Cadiz Park. 

Beard & Mullet Contests

The 2023 ‘Festival has brought a couple new contests. 

Ever get compliments like, “Bro, you look like you play for ZZ Top.” 


“So… you ever seen ‘Joe Dirt’?”

Then you might have what it takes.

Kentucky's Largest Country Ham Biscuit

Baked fresh every year. The folks at Hopkinsville Milling provide all the flour that goes into this huge biscuit. They start things Saturday morning and by around 11am, the volunteers from Helping Hands have it cut up into servings, available for festival goers to enjoy.

Street Vendors

There’s such a variety of vendors. They are the kitchen-table entrepreneurs. They are the local philanthropy clubs. They are service professionals. They represent for these two days with their folding table and tent, lining the street. 

Dont’ forget the ones at West Cadiz Park too. 

Live Music & Entertainment

The Country Ham Fest has been known to give a stage to local talent as well as some of respected names in rock and country. Groups like Alabama and Daryl Worley have excited Ham Fest crowds in recent years. 

If you’ve read this far, then you’ve witnessed our “in progress” phase. Soon, we’ll have an entire page completed dedicated to the live music performers and entertainment that has come to a Ham Fest stage. 

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