Aaron Crawford

Gritty Country gets a hint of Irish Rock and Seattle Grunge

Last updated October 9, 2023

Hey y’all! Get ready to meet Aaron Crawford, the original Cascade Country rocker from the Pacific Northwest.

That’s right. Newsflash:

Country talent can come from a place other than Nashville or the smalltown, rural South.  This dude is forging his own path – paying homage to old school country with its sweet pedal steel and songwriting, while blending in some of that Seattle grunge we know and love from the 90s heyday of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Foo Fighters.

Crawford approaches his music career with a total blue collar attitude, writing and recording his tunes his way with a little help from his friends. He’s chosen to build up a grassroots following in the oft overlooked country scene of the Great Northwest. You’ve probably heard his hit “Evergreen” – a tribute to living in the Seattle area – on the radio by now.

Drawing from inspirations as diverse as country legend Johnny Cash, Irish rockers U2, and classic hard rockers Led Zeppelin, Aaron Crawford fuses together rural Americana songwriting with a driving, anthemic Northwest sound on his breakthrough album.


This guy’s played over 1,000 shows, and it definitely shows in his charismatic, high-energy performances. He gets the crowd singing and dancing along every time! The big Seattle radio stations are all over him and his band, so if you haven’t heard of Crawford yet, you will soon. With his drive, stoke level, and determination to make it, this guy is gonna become a mainstay of the hardcore country music scene.

Aaron Crawford performs on the Trigg County Tourism/WABASH Main Stage Friday, October 13th 2023 from 5 to 6pm.

Check out more of Aaron’s music on Facebook or on YouTube, or follow him on Instagram.

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