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This page was last updated May 16, 2024

How to Apply to be a Ham Fest Vendor

Applying to become a vendor is quick and easy.  Any vendor interested in participating in the Annual Trigg County Country Ham Festival can submit their applications online.


If you’re a prospective vendor, please understand that you will be leaving and communicating  directly with the City of Cadiz.


Remember, is an online property that is independently managed by a Cadiz-local. Recently, we’ve learned the City of Cadiz is in the process of sending vendor applicants their official agreements to sign and submit (for the 2024 event). 

We’ve also learned that the City of Cadiz representative who was responsible for planning and executing the Ham Festival (including approving vendors), published this application form prior to resigning

We still encourage you to apply. 

Last we heard, there were still a few limited spots left (as well as a backup list).

The City of Cadiz processes applications, and based on many factors, and makes the decision to reject or approve applicants.

What do we know? (Remember, is an independently, citizen-managed online property that can only publish what we’ve learned).

There certainly is a selection process.

What can help?

Sell something different than other vendors. And be pleasant to work with.

These things do not guarantee you a spot, however, they certainly can’t hurt your chances. Best of luck. Go apply.

Ham Fest Alumni Vendors Can Get a Free Directory Listing

It’s true. 

Given that the mission of is to provide both the public as well as the vendors with incredible value, many Ham Fest vendors can take advantage of getting a free listing on the Ham Fest Marketplace. 

This is an online directory that helps small businesses and vendors claim more search results when people are searching for their products and services the other 363 days of the year. 

For the time being, this is a free service (it won’t be forever). 

Click the button, and invest some serious thought and time into  the Free Directory Listing survey

A professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization expert) will use the information that you’ve provided in the form and build manually create and optimize your custom online listing. 

Have You Seen This Year's Lineup?

Who’s performing? What’s the schedule? What else is gonna be there?